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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of questions we are most frequently asked if you don't find your question answered on this page, please contact us.

Do you work in my area?

We work in Staffordshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands conurbation around Birmingham... We've even been know to work on projects around the Welsh Borders. If you are unsure, please do contact us.

Is it possible to paint any kitchen?

It is possible to Hand Paint most common substrates used in Kitchen manufacture,... so if your Kitchen is solid wood, previously painted, waxed, varnished, laminate or foil wrapped Kitchen; we can Hand Paint it! If in doubt email a photograph to; and we will soon be able to tell you.

How do I get a quotation from you?

It's simple; take photographs of your Kitchen - including the island or dresser, if you have one (particularly if there is anything that you think is a little unusual), count the number of doors, drawers, glazed doors, plate racks, etc. and email us at along with your full postal address... we will turn your enquiry around quickly and produce an all inclusive, accurate quotation for your consideration.

Can we use our kitchen during the project?

Yes you can, obviously whilst we are working on your project; during working hours, we would prefer it if you didn't use your Kitchen (you will be free to make lunch and drinks during the day), the kitchen will be left operational during the evening - at this time you have full usage... there is no need to book meals out every evening!

What do I need to do to before you start?

You don't need to do a great deal; You DO NOT need to empty drawers and cupboards. It would be really helpful if all worktops and shelves are cleared and glazed units are emptied... feel free to leave the kettle out though!

Can you fit new handles?

Yes, we are happy to fit new handles to accompany your newly painted kitchen - just remember to mention it when the project starts, so that the old holes can be filled and painted. A small surcharge will be made, but this will depend upon the number and type of handle fitted.

Are the insides of cupboards painted?

On base units and eye level units that have solid doors, we don't paint the internals of cupboards (Painting inside of cupboards with solid doors will double the cost of a normal paint job). Paint is not as practical for the inside of units due to extremely heavy wear. We do however paint the internals of cupboards that have glazed doors, as the contents of the cupboard will be visible at all times and we want the Kitchen to look uniform.

New wooden units can be oiled internally, which is a time-consuming but easy job for DIY, alternatively, we would be happy to cost this as a addition to your Hand Painted project.

How will my contact details be used?

Your contact information will be used for the sole purpose of answering your enquiry and preparing a quotation, if required. We will not publish any photos sent to us for pricing purposes, without your express permission.

Do we need to clear out cupboards and drawers?

In general, we don't need cupboards to be cleared out. However, if your cupboard has a glazed door then, usually, the internals will be painted, so it would be helpful if these cupboards are cleared.